• Environment

    Survey, Remediation, Brownfield Recycling, Expert Witness Consulting

  • Construction

    Geotechnical Engineering, Pollutant Registry, Deconstruction, Disposal

  • Energy

    Building Energy Consultation, Energy Efficiency, Energetical Renovation

  • Consulting

    Project Management, Organisational Consulting, Data Management


Design and implementation of a Computer Aided Facility Management System (CAFM), Coal mines, Herne

Organization and structuring of facility related inventory data. Consolidation of all facility management (FM) data in a centralized information and controlling system. Implementation of a centralized Computer Aided Facility Management system (CAFM).

Optimization of GIS-Department, Association for Water Management, Essen

Analysis of the process landscape and compilation of available GIS-data-sources (including site and survey data) in a consolidated data model, that is integrated in the companies intranet. Analysis of data sources regarding responsibilities, data management and quality assurance, based on a layer-based approach (layer = product). Organizational consulting in establishing an internal “GIS-competence-group” that is responsible for all type of GIS-work in this 1.500 employee organization.

Development of an Environmental Management and Data Information System, US Army, Grafenwoehr

Development of a comprehensive Environmental Data Information System (EDIS) that allows both, planners and executors of constructional services, to evaluate and graph environmental information efficiently. Creation of the booklet of duties, database design, software development, system integration and coordination between the relevant departments within the US Army.

GIS integrated Radon und Asbestos Database, US Army, Grafenwoehr

Compilation of available data, design and development of a database system that is linked to the Geographical Information System (GIS) system. Documentation of asbestos-critical components in floor plans including linking to analytic data and component details.

Controlling/Intranet Management Dashboard, Engineers Consultant, Frankfurt

Design, software development and implementation of a project- and contract management system including an integrated time registration system, management of accounts receivable/vendor invoices and specific evaluation modules (including graphics). Design and implementation of a companywide Intranet based on Sharepoint Services.