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Timeframe: 2016

Client: Landesbetrieb Liegenschafts- und Baubetreuung, Koblenz

Project description:

The „Landesbetrieb Liegenschafts- und Baubetreuung, Koblenz (LBB)“, planned the construction of a new accommodation building and an auditorium on the premises of the “Bundeswehr Zentralkrankenhaus” in Koblenz-Metternich.

BWZK Koblenz 02

On 27.06.2016, HYDRODATA GmbH was commissioned by the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Ministry of Defense, represented by the Office for Federal Construction, represented by the “Landesbetrieb Liegenschafts- und Baubetreuung (LBB)” with the execution of field work and the preparation of a geotechnical report, including recommendations for foundation.BWZK Koblenz 03


The planned new building consists of two parts, an accommodation building and an auditorium. It was not planned to build a basement for the new buildings. The accommodation building was planned with a length of 42 m and a width of 14 m; the auditorium was to be erected with a floor plan of 25 m x 19 m. Both buildings are connected by a passageway.

The ground conditions were investigated in order to provide the planning office and the structural engineer with the necessary planning documents and information with regard to the foundation of the new accommodation building and the auditorium.

HYDRODATA services:

  • Execution of exploration measures by means of small ramming boreholes
  • Execution of pile driving soundings
  • Carrying out field wing soundings
  • Performance of laboratory analytical and soil mechanical laboratory tests
  • Development and comparison of foundation variants (e.g. CSV piles)
  • Elaboration of detailed foundation recommendations incl. the preferred option • Cost estimate of the measures (ES construction)

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BWZK Koblenz 01