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Timeframe: 2017 - 2018


Project: Historical research Phase I / Recording and initial evaluation for hazard assessment

Project description:

Due to the specific use for various sub-areas, there was a general suspicion of an initial contamination of federally owned properties used by the Bundeswehr. HYDRODATA was therefore commissioned by the LBB Koblenz branch as part of the German Federal Armed Forces' contaminated sites programme with the recording and initial assessment (Phase I) of areas suspected of being contaminated on various federal properties in the area of Cochem (according to AH BoGw).

Brauheck 1

The services to be provided were based on the services catalogue for Phase I according to Annex 1.1 of the AHBoGwS. The aim of the investigation was to identify potential environmentally hazardous facilities or deposits on the property within the framework of Phase I of the "Soil and groundwater protection working aids" and to delineate areas suspected of being contaminated (KVF) and, if necessary, to propose measures for further action (Orientierende Untersuchung, Phase IIa).

Brauheck 2


  • Research at authorities and offices
  • Evaluation of existing files and multitemporal aerial photographs
  • Evaluation of cartographic material
  • Site inspections and questioning of contemporary witnesses
  • Site inspection and validation
  • Use of the data transmission system for old areas
  • Use of a geographical information system for visualization
  • Sector-specific allocations and risk classifications

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