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Timeframe: 09/2016 – present

Client: LBB Trier

Project volume: approx. 5 Mio. Euro

Projekt description:

The deconstruction measures within the framework of the European Infrastructure Consolidation Project for the demolition of overcapacities at Spangdahlem Airport generally comprise all structural facilities and installations on the construction site. There are approx. 40 buildings of various types, mainly hangars, various buildings for maintenance, storage, offices and various small buildings. In addition, all paved areas as well as separators, tanks and tank facilities will be dismantled. The demolition comprises a building stock of approx. 100,000 m³ (enclosed space) and concrete and asphalt surfaces of approx. 150,000 m². In total, the project contains a quantity of mineral building substance of approx. 140,000 t.Spangdahlem Bild 1

The data management and documentation is carried out completely by means of the application "HYDRODATA Deconstruction Manager".



  • Inventory recording, basic determination and preliminary planning
  • Inspection of all objects and recording of room book information
  • Clarification of all boundary conditions with regard to building substance
  • Clarification of all structural requirements, accessibility, location, etc.
  • Consolidation of all information in "HYDRODATA Deconstruction Manager
  • Preparation/documentation of the deconstruction-relevant pollutant register
  • Preparation of data sheets for all building structures including external surfaces
  • Documentation according to working aids Recycling (Appendix 2.1.2)
  • Preparation of advance notification of costs (KVM)
  • Preparation of planning concept incl. explanation of feasibility, cost estimate
  • Concept for waste disposal and securing of buildings to be preserved
  • Preparation of draft planning (HU construction) with deconstruction and disposal concept
  • Preparation of the detailed cost calculation
  • Preparation of tender documents for all service areas
  • Creation of service specifications according to GAEB's standard service book (StLB)
  • Involvement in tendering and awarding construction contracts
  • Monitoring of dismantling measures (construction supervision)
  • Invoice verification and documentation of the overall measure

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HYDRODATA Rückbau-Manager