• Environment

    Survey, Remediation, Brownfield Recycling, Expert Witness Consulting

  • Construction

    Geotechnical Engineering, Pollutant Registry, Deconstruction, Disposal

  • Energy

    Building Energy Consultation, Energy Efficiency, Energetical Renovation

  • Consulting

    Project Management, Organisational Consulting, Data Management



New European Central Bank premises, Frankfurt am Main

Preliminaries: Environmental soil testing, waste classifications and risk assessment, groundwater monitoring, supervision of all environmental site work. Main measures: Construction site management and documentation of soil management, excavation and disposal, remediation (soil exchange) of a cyanide contamination.


US Army Grafenwoehr, MCA soil disposal

Sampling, analysis, waste classification, and planning and execution of waste transport and disposal.

Deconstruction of the Kahl Pilot Nuclear Power Plant (VAK), Karlstein am Main

Investigation and sampling of construction materials, disposal concept, and construction site management of the conventional demolition works of the pilot nuclear power plant Kahl am Main.



US Army Ansbach, Barracks Illesheim

Investigation and sampling of construction materials and
development of a deconstruction and disposal concept for the reconstruction of a helicopter hangar.


Former Jandorf-Factory, Oberursel

Investigation and sampling of construction materials of 10 buildings and the smokestack on the former Jandorf area in Oberursel with regard to the planned demolition and occupational safety.

Structural and environmental investigation of a former corn storage building, US Army Grafenwöhr

Investigation of the building for hazardous materials and  contamination caused by the use of the building. Developed deconstruction and remediation concepts, and related cost estimates. Structural investigation of the bomb-damaged building and concept for repair measures to use the building as a heavy-weight storage facility.

Demolition of a former gas station with repair shop and garage facilities, Frankfurt am Main-Sossenheim

Building materials and soil investigation, development of the demolition and disposal concept, construction site management for the gutting of the buildings incl. asbestos remediation (IAW TRGS 519), demolition, removal of the underground storage tanks and oil and gasoline separators, control of excavation works including excavation site clearance in coordination with the authorities.