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Timeframe: 2012

Client: Deutscher Turner Bund e.V.

Project Description:

According to the order of a national sports federation, an inventory data collection and an evidence preservation procedure were carried out on existing drainage systems. One of the main aspects was the technical inspection of the connections of grease separators and integrated cisterns with regard to proper construction and dimensioning. System components such as large dimensioned infiltration pits were measured and verified with regard to the respective infiltration performance.

Hotel Lindner 1

Hotel Lindner 2

The connected building units included sports halls, a sports medicine institute, parking spaces and a hotel.

The preservation of evidence and documentation included the re-measurement of the entire drainage network (rainwater and wastewater), the revision of existing planning documents, the description of defects and necessary corrective measures as well as the examination of the construction costs incurred in the course of the installation. Aspects of licensing law were agreed with the responsible drainage authority.



  • Research of planning documents and documents
  • Cataloguing of available documents
  • Measurement of the drainage system
  • Camera inspections and pressure tests
  • Hydraulic calculations and preparation of planning documents
  • Preservation of evidence and documentation of measures
  • Development of concepts for the elimination of defects

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Hotel Lindner Planausschnitt