• Environment

    Survey, Remediation, Brownfield Recycling, Expert Witness Consulting

  • Construction

    Geotechnical Engineering, Pollutant Registry, Deconstruction, Disposal

  • Energy

    Building Energy Consultation, Energy Efficiency, Energetical Renovation

  • Consulting

    Project Management, Organisational Consulting, Data Management

Rueckbau 320
  • Planning and design of demolition and deconstruction measures
  • Cost assessments / cost estimates of demolition and deconstruction measures
  • Investigation and sampling of construction materials. Develop contaminants inventories and evaluate construction products containing hazardous substances
  • Investigation of indoor pollutants (indoor air measurements, dust and adhesive tape sampling)
  • Design of application and approval documents for demolition and deconstruction measures
  • Negotiation and coordination with authorities and coordination with relevant experts and regulatory authorities
  • Construction site management of demolition and deconstruction measures
  • Soil management (excavation and disposal)
  • Waste declaration and management
  • Electronic records procedure for hazardous waste (eANV)
  • Coordination of safety and health matters (SiGeKo = German safety and health officer)
  • Planning and execution of work at contaminated sites according to BGR 128
  • Provide a coordinator for work at contaminated sites in accordance with BGR 128