• Environment

    Survey, Remediation, Brownfield Recycling, Expert Witness Consulting

  • Construction

    Geotechnical Engineering, Pollutant Registry, Deconstruction, Disposal

  • Energy

    Building Energy Consultation, Energy Efficiency, Energetical Renovation

  • Consulting

    Project Management, Organisational Consulting, Data Management


Brownfields, Groundwater and Soil Protection

  • Historical Review, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
  • Investigation and Evaluation of Contaminated Sites and Environmental Damages
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation
  • Certified Sampling and Laboratory Testing
  • Hydrogeology, Groundwater and Pollution Transport Modeling, Aquifer Tests
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Water Rights Permits and legal proceedings


Deconstruction and Disposal

  • Planning, Application, Construction Site Management and Deconstruction and Demolition Execution
  • Investigation of Building Materials, Hazardous Substance Inventories and Evaluation
  • Investigation of Indoor Pollutants
  • Soil Management (Excavation and Disposal)
  • Waste Declaration and Management (eANV)


Geotechnical Engineering

  • Geotechnical Site Assessments
  • Geotechnical Field and Laboratory Testing
  • Foundation Statics und Proof of Stability
  • Construction Site Management
  • Geotechnical Consulting
  • Investigation and Evaluation of Structural Damages


Environmental Consulting

  • Environmental Due Diligence and Compliance Audits
  • Environmental Compliance, Corporate Environmental Protection
  • Environmental Management, Quality Management, Energy Management
  • Tendering Procedures and Evaluation of Bids, Construction Supervision
  • Project Management / Project Control
  • Feasibility Studies and Financial Controlling of Remediation Measures
  • Expert Witness Consulting (publicly ordered and sworn experts for Soil and Groundwater Protection and in accordance with article 18 Federal Soil Protection Law


Occupational Health and Safety

  • Coordination of Safety and Health Matters (SiGeKo, BaustellV, RAB 30)
  • Safety and Health Plans (SiGe-Plans)
  • Work at contaminated sites (BGR 128)
  • Health and Safety Plans (AS-Plan / HASP)
  • Operating Instructions


Environmental Information Systems

  • Management of Environmental Data (including GIS-integration)
  • System Design and Software Development
  • User Support and Organizational Consulting