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Investigation of more than 500 US Army buildings for asbestos-containing building materials, various locations in Germany

During the restructuring of several military training grounds, more than 500 multi-storied buildings were tested for the presence of asbestos containing building structures. Asbestos containing roofs, ceiling lining, wall panels, floor coverings and sealings were detected. The results were evaluated and  documented using GIS. Health & safety or remediation concepts were created if necessary.


Asbestos remediation of a Commercial/Bank building, Frankfurt am Main 

During the reconstruction of approximately 5,000 m² sales and administrative premises, large amounts of product containing weakly bounded asbestos had to be remediated.  Due to the close cooperation with the responsible authorities it was possible to keep to the tight operating schedule for the reconstruction.


Modernization of a commercial building, Frankfurt am Main

Remediation of a sprayed asbestos-contaminated office floor, embedded within a hotel complex. Task included sampling, evaluation and a detailed asbestos remediation design. The design included the first thermal recycling of asbestos in the state of Hesse. Due to this innovative recycling solution the remediation costs could be reduced up to 50%, which saved more than 100,000 €.