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Timeframe: 2004-2017
Client: HIM-ASG
Project volume: approx. 500.000 € (engineering services)


 IMG 2951 thumbProject description:

Due to improper handling of heavy metals and highly volatile halogenated hydrocarbons (LHKW), massive soil, soil air and groundwater remediation took place on the approx. 6,900m² site of a former electroplating plant. In addition to soil air and groundwater remediation, the building stock was also demolished and the water-saturated soil zone excavated. In 2016, according to the remediation plan, a large part of the LHKW located in the water-saturated soil zone was removed. It was agreed with the authorities that, for reasons of proportionality, only approx. 95 % of the pollutant inventory determined by the preliminary investigation should be removed by the remediation and that areas with loads above 100 mg/kg could remain underground.

The excavation of the soil was carried out by means of 630 intersected large bore holes with a diameter of 1.5 m, the bore holes were refilled with unpolluted soil. A total of 12,400 tons of soil were excavated during the construction project within four months, removing approx. 3,800 kg of LHKW from the subsoil. In the process, the subordinate PFC-contamination determined in the soil was also removed.

HYDRODATA services:

  • Creation of investigation concepts
  • Planning, supervision and evaluation of small ramming and well drilling
  • Determination of hydrogeological site data
  • Historical investigation, orienting investigation and detailed investigation
  • Data management
  • Project managementIMG 2961 thumb
  • Feasibility study/variant comparison
  • Execution of hazard investigation/remediation planning according to BBodSchG
  • Coordination with relevant authorities
  • Disposal planning, cost and schedule planning
  • Public restricted tenders according to VOL/VOB
  • Drawing up the SiGe plan and the work and safety plan
  • Supervision of the measure as safety and health protection coordinator
  • Local construction supervision / specialist for construction management of soil remediation • Compilation and verification of proofs of disposal
  • Invoice verification and documentation of the overall measure